A 25% deposit is required to "hold" a horse until pick up.  

In the case of a weanling, the deposit will be refunded if the foal dies or is injured in such a way that it is no longer useful in the way intended prior to pick up.

If a buyer fails to pick up their  purchase within the agreed upon time frame, the deposit is forfeit.  

Horses can be purchased on a payment plan if so required. 

When purchasing a weanling, the price on the website is for an untouched foal.  If you wish your foal weaned for two weeks and given several halter breaking lessons, there will be a $50 charge for handling, deworming and our time.  

Any weanling that is travelling by horse hauler will automatically have a $100 charge added.  This is for weaning for two weeks, halter breaking, deworming and supplying a halter and lead rope.  A $2 per day charge for board will be added if the foal is not picked up by the hauler within that two week time frame.  This includes your foal being handled daily, fed grain and supplements, continuing the halter breaking lessons.  All foals must be paid by e-transfer 24 hours prior to pick up.  If paying by cheque, cheque must arrive ten days prior to pick up.  

GST will be added to the purchase price of all horses as required by Federal law.

If you are looking for a professional horse hauler, we highly recommend Deb Johnson of Innisfail, Alberta.  She is honest, reliable, cares about your horse and has competitive pricing.  She is the only hauler we call when we want one brought for us.  Call or text her at 1 403 896 8207

We also have experience with Michelle at Northern Horse Transport.  She is particularly good to transport weanlings as she unloads all the horses every night and that makes for a less stressful trip.  She is also very fairly priced.She can be quickly reached on Facebook.