We are expecting 13 foals in 2021, 9 from Custom Smoking Spark and 4 from Docs All Dun Kiddin. Right of first refusal may be spoken for, it just means we will notify you within 24 hrs of birth and you have 48 hrs to decide if you would like to put a deposit down on a foal or pass.  25% deposit holds till weaning.

Call Me Gem [brown] x Custom Smoking Spark [red roan] Five Panel N/N

Our first foal should be out of Gem by Simon.  Bay full sister coming 2 with happy owners.  This has been a nice cross but Gem is our top producer.  I expect another bay or brown but a roan would be very cool.  Right of first refusal spoken for

Melitas Firefly II [grey welsh] x Docs All Dun Kiddin [red dun]

Lucy and Amigo make magic together.  Mature 14 hands with a ton of athletic ability and a head full of brains.  This is a very versatile cross, one gelding is in Oklahoma team roping and the happy owners purchased the 2020 filly as well.  These are strong, smaller horses for older children, shorter adults or older ones like me that just want a shorter horse to ride.  So smooth, so trainable.  This cross has produced grey, roan, sorrel with chrome and dun.

Slide Me A Pepper [bay] x Docs All Dun Kiddin [red dun]

Pepsi is very unsound so every foal we get is a gift.  The cross with her and Amigo is so great, this baby was spoken for before it was conceived.  If it's a colt, it's spoken for.  If it's a filly, it's mine!  Dun or bay  

Sudans Lous Little Firefly [bay roan Welsh] X Custom Smoking Spark [red roan]

We have always bred our welsh mares to Amigo so we stepped out of our comfort zone to give Simon a go on a welsh mare.  Lou has been stingy with her colour so we will try this, 75% chance of roan.  Maybe a sorrel or a chestnut or a bay too.

Just Kiddin Sweetie [red dun roan] x Custom Smoking Spark [red roan] Five Panel N/N

We hope for great things from this cross.  Marie is so athletic and Simon is so willing, I think this will be a powerhouse.  75% chance of roan, possibly sorrel or chestnut.