2020 foals

We  are expecting 11 foals from three different stallions in 2020.  Right of first refusal is available on most.  No deposit or commitment required, it just means you are the first contacted when the mare foals and you have 48 hrs to decide if you want this foal or not.  If not, the next name on the list is contacted.  No deposit is required until a commitment is made.  Then your deposit is "no risk".  If the foal you have chosen becomes seriously inured or dies, your deposit is refunded in full.  

Hollywood Doublesan X Custom Smoking Spark Five Panel N/N

This will be Kate's first foal.  We expect big things from this baby and so does someone else.  Right of first refusal is spoken for on this foal .  I expect a bay, sorrel or, hopefully, a roan.

Slide Me A Pepper X Custom Smoking Spark

This will be the second cross for Pepsi and Simon.  The first was a pretty chestnut filly that made her new home in Ontario.  I expect a similar foal but hopefully bay or roan.

Sheza Dun Doublesan X Custom Smoking Spark Five Panel N/N

This will be the second cross for Coco and Simon as well.  The first was a fantastic dun filly that has an amazing disposition and a sweet temper.  I expect much the same this year.  Dun or roan I would guess.

Call Me Gem X Boogie Starlight Five Panel N/N

This will be the fourth cross for Gem and Dexter and the last as Dexter has moved on to a new home in Manitoba.  It has been an exceptional cross and we hope for more of the same.  They have had a red dun, a bay dun and a sorrel.  I expect the same.  Maybe a bay to mix things up.  

Smart Lil Gin Player X Docs All Dun Kiddin Five Panel N/N