We are expecting 15 foals in 2019, most of which will be for sale.

Melitas Firefly II [grey welsh] X Docs All Dun Kiddin [red dun AQHA]

This has always been a winning cross and I expect this time to be no different.  They have been all over the map for colour so I can't even predict!  Red roan, bay roan, sorrel with chrome, red dun with or without chrome, grullo.  Your guess is as good as mine!  Right of first refusal is spoken for.

Smart Silver Shadow [grullo] X Docs All Dun Kiddin [red dun]

Shadow had a fantastic colt by Amigo last year so we did it again.  She had a smoky black by Dexter and a zebra dun by Amigo.  As much as I am hoping for a grullo, I expect another zebra dun.

Slide Me A Pepper [bay] X Custom Smoking Spark [red roan]

This will be Simon's first foal and we have high hopes.  Pepsi has never disappointed us [besides for no fillies!] so I think this will be a dandy.  I am guessing it will be bay, red roan or bay roan.

Kelly Acres Addax [bucksin welsh] X Docs All Dun Kiddin [red dun AQHA]

This will be Nita's first AQHA foal and I think it will be a dandy.  She is such a sweet mare with great bone and I am really looking forward to this baby.  Colour?  Two dilutes so we could get a cremello or a perlino but I am guessing buckskin or zebra dun.

Doublesan Susann [black] X Boogie Starlight [bay dun]

Dexter and Mickey have crossed exceptionally well so we did it again.  Mickey will be 20 in 2019 so while I hope this isn't her last foal, it very well could be.  She and Dexter have had a black, a brown, a bay, a chestnut and a dark bay dun.  Who knows?  Right of first refusal is spoken for.