2018 Foals

Sudans Docs Dapper Dun [Melita's Firefly II X Docs All Dun Kiddin] Born April 12 Dun Mare


This has been an exceptional cross and this year's filly is no different.  Big boned, flashy, she will be one fancy pony to ride.  This cross has proven itself to be great at obstacles, ranch work and have a lot of cow.  This filly is sold.

Sudans Little Bay Firefly [Sudan"s Lou's Little Firefly X Docs All Dun Kiddin] Born April 17 Bay Mare


Lou and Amigo had a very fancy bay roan filly last year that was smart and lively.  The welsh/quarter cross has been very successful here and one of these days, before we lose Amigo, I am going to have to keep one!  This bay filly is as cute as they come.  This filly is sold.

Slide Me A Pepper X Docs All Dun Kiddin Born April 18 Zebra Dun Stallion Five Panel N/N


This is one of my personal favorites in the herd.  The mind on this cross is phenomenal.I did not get my filly :( Maybe next year..  This colt is sold.