2018 Foals

We are expecting 15 foals by three different stallions in 2018. [If all goes according to plan!]  Thirteen quarter horse, two 1/2 qh/1/2 welsh and one purebred welsh.  Foals can be 'spoken for' and a deposit placed after they are born to hold them for you.  

Smart Lil Gin Player [grey] x Docs All Dun Kiddin [red dun]

This will be the second time we have crossed these two.  We are very happy with their 2017 dun colt, he is a smart, easy to train, good growing colt.  He will make a fantastic cow horse prospect.  I expect the 2018 baby to be dun or grey.  

Melta's Firefly II [ grey welsh] x Docs All Dun Kiddin [red dun]

This has been an exceptional cross. The resulting foal matures about 13.3, has a lot of natural cow and is very, very easy to train.  One happy client has three full siblings and have requested right of first refusal for the 2018 foal.  Lucy and Amigo have had a red dun, a grey, a sorrel with four stockings and a blaze, a bay roan, a grullo and a red roan.  Your guess is as good as mine!

Pepinics Hyline Lass [bay] x Boogie Starlight [bay dun]

We have crossed Dexter with Pepper four times, this will be the fifth.  Each foal has been a little different from the one before but the cross has been very successful.  The right of first refusal has been spoken for in 2018 already.  They have had a red dun, a grullo, a bay and a brown.  More of the same I am guessing.

Sudan's Lou's Little Firefly [bay roan welsh] x Docs All Dun Kiddin [red dun]

Lou and Amigo had a very fancy bay roan filly last year that was smart and lively.  The welsh/quarter cross has been very successful here and one of these days, before we lose Amigo, I am going to have to keep one!  I expect a roan or a dun in 2018.

Slide Me A Pepper [bay] x Docs All Dun Kiddin [red dun]

This is one of my personal favorites in the herd and if 2018 brings us a filly, it will not be for sale.  The mind on this cross is phenomenal and as Pepsi has been showing her infirmities and Amigo is getting old, I may not get another chance.  They have had one bay, two zebra duns and two red duns.  I expect more of the same.

Swift Lady Beau [bay] x Docs All Dun Kiddin [red dun]

Jackie has been a very consistent producer for us.  This cross has been very successful at team roping and barrel racing.  "Stellar", a zebra dun gelding owned by Ryan Taylor of Melfort, Sask., has won a substantial amount of money jackpot roping and has qualified to take Ryan to Las Vegas this winter.  Stellar's full brother, a bay gelding, is even more talented, in Ryan's opinion.  This cross will take you to the pay window.  Jackie and Amigo have only had duns or bays.  Last two have been bay so they are due to have a dun in 2018!  ;)

MS Boonlight Freckle [bay roan] x Docs All Dun Kiddin [red dun]

Every year we say we are going to sell Tammy because she is hard to catch but every fall, her baby is sold and we relent and keep her again.  This year's filly was so easy to halter break that Dan says we are keeping the next filly.  They have all been roan; one bay roan and two dun based roans.  Hoping 2018 brings another roan.  Love roans!!!

Call Me Gem [brown] x Docs All Dun Kiddin [red dun]

This will be the first cross for these two.  Gem and Dexter had three excellent babies but I wanted an Amigo before I run out of time.  The owner of her 2015 colt wants another colt out of her so we will see what 2018 brings.  I expect bay, brown or dun.

Smart Silver Shadow [grullo] x Docs All Dun Kiddin [red dun]

Shadow had a nice smoky black from Dexter in 2017 so we thought we'd see what she'd have off Amigo.  The owner of her 2017 colt loves him, says he has a great disposition.  He went all the way to northern Quebec so I am very happy she is very happy!  I expect a grullo or a dun.  Amigo just doesn't do black.  haha

Sheza Dun Doublesan [zebra dun] x Boogie Starlight [ bay dun]

This is the first Amigo daughter expected to foal in 2018.  This has been a consistently good cross.  Nice minds, even tempers, athletic.  One grullo, one zebra dun, one smoky black and one red dun.  Probably a sorrel in 2018.  lol

Doublesan Susann [black] x Boogie Starlight [bay dun]

Mickey has had several Amigo babies, all excellent.  Then we tried her with Dexter.  Also excellent.  These babies have a lot of cow and are fantastic team ropers.  If her 2018 foal is a colt, right of first refusal is spoken for.  Mickey has had a variety of colours so I hesitate to speculate.  Bay, brown, black and chestnut from Dexter.  Probably a bay or a sorrel for 2018.

Docs Bay Doublesan [bay] x Boogie Starlight [bay dun]

This is the last Amigo daughter to foal in 2018, a full sister to Sheza Dun Doublesan.  We failed to settle Vera two years in a row hand breeding so we went back old school and I think we were successful.   These two had a red dun the only time we got a baby and she was a dandy.  I expect a bay or a dun of some sort in 2018.

MS Holidoc Freckle [bay roan] x Docs All Dun Kiddin [red dun]

This cross has been a winner so we haven't been switching things up here.  They are well built, athletic with quick, easily trained minds and a love for people.  We had planned on keeping the 2015 colt from Freckles and Amigo as a replacement for Amigo but then decided we would rather keep Amigo fillies.  It was a hard choice to let Levi go, he was exactly what I wanted in a stallion.  But we kept his 2016 dun sister and she will have to carry on for her parents.  Freckles' bad shoulder has been giving her serious grief so not sure how many more to expect out of her.  There was a secret romance in 2016 resulting in a late 2017 baby and a late 2018 baby as well. We have seen a sorrel, bay roan, dun roan and a dun from this cross.  Hopefully more of the roans in 2018!  

Physical Grafitti [grey] x Docs All Dun Kiddin [red dun]

These two had two colts while Jill was in college, a dunskin and a zebra dun.  The dunskin is now running barrels in BC, thanks to that Thoroughbred blood in Baby Girl.  I am not sure if this baby will be for sale or not as I know Jill wants one Baby Girl/Amigo cross before the old guy retires.  From her past history, I'm guessing it will be a dun of some sort.

Kelly Acres Addax [buckskin section D welsh] x M I Bare Essentials [ buckskin section C welsh]

We are also hoping for a filly here as well. A filly will be a keeper, a colt for sale. Unless it matches Marty, it's half brother out of Lou.  Then he stays! Dan has decided it is time to get back in to driving horses. I expect it will be buckskin, dun, palomino, cremello or perlino.

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