Call Me To Boogie [Call Me Gem X Boogie Starlight] Born April 7 Sorrel Filly Five Panel N/N

Well I don't think sorrel was on my list of colour possibilities but here she is.  This cross creates a very athletic foal and I expect no different of this pretty girl.  Her 2015 full brother was purchased as a team roping prospect.  I expect this filly to have a lot of "cow".  This filly is not for sale at this time.

Sudans Docs Little Firefly [Sudans Lou's Little Firefly X Docs All Dun Kiddin] Born April 20 Bay Roan Filly

Lou had a lovely bay roan filly and I think it will be as great as the cross between her dam, Lucy, and Amigo.  Cute as can be too!.  This filly is spoken for.

Sudans Im Dun Wright [Slide Me A Pepper X Docs All Dun Kiddin] Born April 22 Red Dun Colt

This is another cross that just seems to work so we keep doing it.  The foals from this cross are sweet, love people and are easily trained.  Very athletic, they have talent in any direction but are calm enough for any type of owner.  Pepsi is really starting to show the effects of her infirmities so had this been a filly, it would not be for sale.  But it is a colt so it is for sale.  But I'm thinking if he doesn't sell by weaning time, he may just stay to become our next "anyone can ride" gelding.  This colt is sold.

Boogie In The Shadow [Smart Silver Shadow X Boogie Starlight] Born April 23 Smoky Black Colt Five Panel N/N

This is Shadow's first foal by one of our stallions.  We purchased her in foal but unfortunately lost her first baby.  This foal should be a cutting prospect or have talent at working cowhorse and penning.  Should have enough size enough to rope.  And this handsome fellow has just a small spot of white on his forehead. He appears black but carries dun and grullo genetics so would throw grullos and duns.  This colt is sold.

Sudans Boonlight Gal [MS Boonlight Freckle x Docs All Dun Kiddin] Born April 24 Dun Roan Filly Five Panel N/N

 This has been a very nice cross, they have been good looking, well built roans that are easily trained and like people.  Her 2016 colt was my favorite foal from the crop.  He is such a sweetheart to handle but so athletic, he can turn on a dime and uses his hind end like he should.  Tammy can be a challenge to catch so breeding her out in the pasture has just been convenient.  Maybe this year I will suck it up and hand breed her to Dexter just out of curiosity!  Tammy never lets me down, this filly will be a fancy one.  This filly is sold.

Lady Jacks Beau [Swift Lady Beau x Docs All Dun Kiddin] Born April 25 Bay Filly

  This cross has been very successful so we just keep doing it.  They are terrific roping horses, barrel racers and penners.  They are quick and agile while still being very sane.    This filly is sold.

Double San Hollywood [Doublesan Susann x Boogie Starlight] Born April 26 Chestnut Filly Five Panel N/N

We have crossed Mickey this way for the last few years and it has really worked.  They are compact, athletic and very talented when it comes to following a cow.  Roping or penning would be their strength.  Four foals, four different colours.  One brown, one black, one bay and now a chestnut.  Not a speck of white on this big girl! This filly is sold.

Sheza Boogie Kid [Sheza Dun Doublesan x Boogie Starlight] Born April 26 Red Dun Filly Five Panel N/N

This will be the fourth cross between Coco and Dexter.  They have all been smart, quick learners, nice to handle and good growers.  They have had a grullo, zebra dun and a black. Now a pretty red dun.  This filly is for sale.  $900

Physical Grafiti X Danse Diabolique [Oldenburg] Born April 29 Black Filly

This is the jewel in this year's crown.  It has been a three year road to this foal and hopefully it will be worth the wait!  This baby is tall, elegant and jet black but for a tiny hind coronet. She and our dog, Emma, are already besties, as you can see!  This filly is not for sale at this time.

Sudans Smart Lil Kid [Smart Lil Gin Player X Docs All Dun Kiddin] Born May 1 Dun Colt Five Panel N/N

Gin had a nice gray colt by Dexter so I was excited to see how she'd cross with Amigo.   Between her Smart Little Lena and Tanquery Gin and his  Brennas Kid and Doc O Dude, this should be quite the powerhouse for roping or working cowhorse events.  This handsome fellow exceeded my expectations.  This colt is sold.

Sudans Broken Heart [Pepinics Hyline Lass x Boogie Starlight] Born May 7 Bay Colt Five Panel N/N

Pepper's 2016 filly was sooo nice we did it again for 2017.  This cross produces a tall, well built foal suited for roping and cow work.  This fellow is no exception.  He will be a big pretty gelding that will go in any direction you want.  This colt is spoken for.

Sudans Doc's Dapper Firefly [Melita's Firefly II X Docs All Dun Kiddin] Born May 7 Red Roan Colt

The cross between Lucy and Amigo has been fantastic, happy owners all around.  This year should be no different.  This boy will be the same quick learning, easily trained prospect his full siblings have been.  This colt is sold.   

MS Freckles N Pep [MS Holidoc Freckle x Docs All Dun Kiddin] Born June 14 Dun Roan Filly Five Panel N/N

 This is the fourth cross between Freckles and Amigo and each time has gotten better than the time before.  Her 2015 Bay roan colt we have left intact as a stallion prospect and it's been many years since we have decided a colt was worthy of being a stallion.  Her 2016 dun filly is tall, elegant and pegged as a keeper.  We received another fabulous foal in 2017  Our stallions seem to cross well with Peptoboonsmal mares, they have been the most consistent producers in our band. Amigo and Freckles had carried on a secret romance so I was stumped as to when to expect this baby.  So glad she was born early enough in the year to breed the mare back for another great baby next year!  This filly is sold.