Smart Silver Shadow x Hawkeyes My Daddy Born April 13 Dun/Grullo Filly Five Panel N/N

This mare went from skeptical she's in foal to our first baby of 2016.  This cute little filly will take a bit to fill out as she needs GPS to find those tiny udders but she is a cutie.  I'm not sure if she will stay dun or be a grullo.  UPDATE : This filly was born with a heart defect and unfortunately passed away at six days old.  
Mini shadow2016april132016

Sudans Docs Dapper Kid - Melitta's Firefly II x Docs All Dun Kiddin Born April 14 Dun Colt

Lucy is a Section B welsh and this has been a hugely successful cross.  They have the ability of a pony to drive, jump and perform equally well under western or english tack.  The QH adds the calmness and stability sometimes lacking in a pony.  This guy is going to be like the rest of his siblings, a good honest, easily trained gelding.  This colt is sold. 
Lucy2016july222016a medium

Call Me Gem X Boogie Starlight Born April 21 Zebra Dun Filly Five Panel N/N

Gem had a fantastic colt by Dexter so we bred her back that way again.  She did not disappoint us.  This is a lovely tall, pretty filly that will be an athlete like her full brother.  We lost this filly at 45 days old to a septicemic infection.

Peptos Dun Kiddin -MS Holidoc Freckle x Docs All Dun Kiddin Born April 22 Red Dun Filly Five Panel N/N

Freckles and Amigo cross just the way you want horses to cross.  The foals are correct, pretty, athletic and have a fantastic mind.  She finally gave us that dun!  In the middle of a spring snowstorm no less.  Huge, pretty, her foals just keep getting better and better. This filly is not for sale at this time.

Sudans Dun It Wright -Slide Me A Pepper x Docs All Dun Kiddin Born April 22 Red Dun Colt

Pepsi has fantastic babies crossed with Amigo.  They are smart, calm, willing and love people.  This lovely red dun colt looks like he will be another good one.  This colt is sold.

Sudans Boonlight Kid - MS Boonlight Freckle x Docs All Dun Kiddin Born April 22 Zebra Dun Roan Colt Five Panel N/N

Tammy's 2015 filly was a bay roan and as pretty as can be.  The owner says she is smart, athletic and quick to learn.  This guy will be much the same.  He has a dun base and appears to me like he will roan.   It will be an interesting colour! This colt is sold.

Mac O Reina x Boogie Starlight Born April 25 Bay Filly

We have been crossing Lonesome with Dexter for the past few years and we have been happy with the results.  Well built, pretty, quick growing.  She has had a grullo, buckskin and a zebra dun from this cross.  I expected one of those.  Kinda threw me with a bay!  But she is as pretty as can be and she will be a good horse like her siblings.  This  filly sold at her dam's side.

Smart Boogie Player - Smart Lil Gin Player x Boogie Starlight Born April 29 Grey Colt Five Panel N/N

This is Gin's first foal for us and we are very excited.  This is a well bred, well built, athletic mare that I think will give you a winner any way you cross her.  She is a trained cutter with a small amount of earnings but her career was cut short by a stifle injury.  She gave us a stout boy with a pretty head adorned by a big white face.  This colt is sure to perform, he will have Smart Little Lena, Tanquery Gin and Grays Starlight on his papers.  This colt is sold.

Just Kiddin Sweetie- Peps Lil Sweetheart x Docs All Dun Kiddin Born May 1 Red Dun Roan Filly Five Panel N/N

Evelyn is 19 this year so I was just hoping for a healthy foal.  But a roan filly would be really, really nice.  And guess what, I got my roan filly!  Dexter does great things crossed on Amigo daughters with Solanos Peppy San in them so this is a keeper.  And who knows, maybe this will be Evelyn's last.  I sure hope not!  This filly is not for sale at this time.

Sudans Pepi Playgirl - Pepinics Hyline Lass x Boogie Starlight Born May 3 Bay Filly Five Panel N/N

Pepper had a beautiful big bay filly this year.  I think this is her best Dexter baby yet.  This filly will have bone, size and looks.  The total package.  This filly is sold.

Sudans Essential Firefly - Sudans Lou's Little Firefly x M I Bare Essential Born May 8 Palomino Colt

Lou is a section B daughter of Lucy and Scout's half brother.  We took her to a lovely Section C stallion for her first baby.  Purebred welsh babies are so cute!  I was hoping for a filly but I will take a healthy colt.  This little man has serious personality.  He is so friendly, no flinches or spook.  He will make an awesome gelding to ride or drive. This colt is for sale. Priced at $1500

Lou2016july222016 medium

Sudans Smokystarlite - Sheza Dun Doublesan x Boogie Starlight Born May 11 Smoky Black Colt Five Panel N/N

Coco is one of two Amigo daughters in our band [her sister Vera came up open this year] and this cross with Dexter is magical.  The foals are pretty, smart, athletic, easily trained.  Everything you want.  And this guy is no different, a handsome smoky black  colt.  This colt is sold.

Hollywood Doublesan - Doublesan Susann x Boogie Starlight Born May 13 Bay Filly Five Panel N/N

Mickey has long been one of our best producers.  We have two of her Amigo daughters in our band.  She has had two foals by Dexter and we are happy with the results.  They tend to be bigger and quicker maturing than her Amigo foals.  She has had a brown and a black.  2016 brought a bay.  A big tall pretty filly that will perform like the rest  This filly is not for sale at this time.


Sudans Swift N Soxy - Swift Lady Beau x Docs All Dun Kiddin Born May 15 Bay Colt

Crossing Jackie with Amigo is a case of don't fix what isn't broken.  The foals are easy to train, athletic, big, well built and go in any direction you want.  This cross has produced only bays and duns.  I have no idea where all the white comes from, all four grandparents are minimal white as well.  But he is a fancy, flashy boy and he will turn heads.  Be a sharp gelding to ride. Four even socks and a pretty white face. This colt is sold.